Sunset On My Pond July 22, 2011

 Thursday, July 21, 2011 Amazingly, gorgeous sunset over the pond at the rear of our property. With summer storms, rain showers, thunder and lightening, the skies produce magnificent scenes throughout the day. But I, have a great fetish for sunsets :)

Location: Queens Cove Neighborhood, Winter Haven FL 33880-5033

The 'WHY'? ( & Welcome!)

I am a Canadian Citizen 
Who married an American Citizen 
Who relocated from Atlantic Canada to Pacific Canada 
To the Pacific NorthWest USA (Idaho)
And then to Florida (arriving Sept 2010) 
And I am enamored with the outdoor beauty, 
                                                                and wildlife 
                                                                    of my new surroundings. 
I take this delight and share with you. 
Your response and reaction are yours. 
Mine, are obvious! :-)

~Lori Clinch Adams, July 22, 2011~