Beauty In My Backyard, July 2013

I feel so very blessed, as everyday I get to feast my eyes on such amazing, created wonders; both small and grand, from my backyard. Some are in the pond, some are on the pond, some are in the grass, some are on my screened lanai, some are in the 'gecko tree' (tree where geckos hide from my beagle) and others are in the sky. I just need to share them, so I hope you also enjoy them. And all are in the month of July 2013.

Apple Snails live in the pond. Here are two of them having a very up-close and personal connection
.....I didn't ask any questions either!

These are Apple Snail eggs and I've not yet discovered how they slime their ways up branches and trees to deposit their eggs!

More Apple Snail Eggs

More Apple Snail eggs on a tree trunk

A bird's nest in the 'gecko tree'

Angry clouds that brought thunder, lightening and rain

 Many delicate things in one small area


This time of year, dozens of these teeny, tiny toads are jumping all around the lawn and lanai


Unknown bug on screen

Same bug with lunch .......or dinner.....

Small, delicate flowers

Reflection of flower in pond

Rainbow after rainstorm

A type of red-winged black bird that feeds from our bird feeder

A type of mushroom growing on the pond bank

My Beagle Bailey sniffing a gecko that is hiding in the drain, which a few minutes later, he had detached the end of the drain and was biting on it to try to get to the gecko!

Here was the little creature inside the drainpipe.
I safely let it go back into the tree, because they eat bugs....and I think that's a good thing.