Signs of Autumn At Simmers-Young Park, 10/02/12

Oooops! I think I intruded!!


Autumn Evening Walk With Dog At Simmers-Young Park

Simmers-Young Park in Winter Haven, is a vast wide open spaced park suited for soccer, softball, picnics  family outings and the solo dog walker like myself. It is located a mere 2.5 miles from my home, so Bailey Beagle and I find ourselves there usually at least once a day. 
While Autumn in Central Florida does not resemble Autumn in more northerly states nor my own Atlantic Canada, there still are signs of Autumn visible.
This walk took place 10/02/12

Bailey LOVES this place!

Sunset at Marshall Hampton Reserve, 10/26/12

The sunset, the fast-blowing clouds (from hurricane Sandy) and the gorgeous colors of the evening sky compelled me to stop and capture it in it's delightful display of beauty!

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